Jewel combinaisons are a subtle way to enhance your glow before your first tan of the season.
Fortunately, the lastest collection Gyptis is made of pieces ready to match with your daily jewels. Here are some easy-to-reproduce combinations with the key pieces of our new collection.


Gyptis Chain ring 

You are one of those who talk with their hands and are fans of stacking, then this association is made for you... To be completed without moderation!

Gyptis Signet ring, Gyptis Chain ring

Gyptis Signet ring


The perfect match between discreet pendant necklace and statement hoops... the balance that suits everyday outfits.


Light shirt, flowered skirt and wicker basket... it's like holidays! The set that smells like summer, the return of dresses and necklines.

Gyptis Chain necklace, Gyptis Medal, Gyptis Large hoop earrings

Gyptis Chain necklace 

Gyptis Medal 


An association where the hand and the wrist are kings. A play between lines and textures that could turn more than one head.

Gyptis Bangle bracelet 

Gyptis Bangle bracelet, Gyptis Ring, Gyptis Chain ring

Gyptis Ring

Gyptis Chain ring


For those who are not afraid to do too much and dare!

Gyptis Chain necklace, Gyptis Pendant necklace, Gyptis Medal, Gyptis Large earrings 

Gyptis Large earrings 

Gyptis Medal


Gyptis Signet ring

One is fluid and light as air, subtly reflecting the light, the other is bursting with light and delicate at the same timeā€¦ together it's the perfect match!

Gyptis Chain bracelet, Gyptis Signet ring


With them life is simple, without trap! They are the sociable ones of the gang, those who can be presented to our entire jewelry box without being afraid of a hazardous association.

Gyptis Chain necklace 


Two original and discreet pieces at the same time to associate for those who do not like to do like everyone else :)

There's something new around here!

Discover the three chapters of our new collection

From Anna to Gyptis, discover the care and meticulousness given to each craft. Every collection has its story and particularity, but they all share a common trait: they are handcrafted in our parisian workshop.