Carrie is not only a collection but also a state of mind. A drop of carefreeness, a pinch of craziness and so much creativity have given birth to this playful and colorful jewelry, inspired by the great Carrie Bradshaw and the spirit of the nineties.

Our earrings are sold individually to let you create unique combinations of colors & reveal your creativity

Fall for our lovely gold-plated brass chain set with pastel crystals. Blue, pink, green & topaz: refreshing colors, a bit regressive for a 90's effect that will look so good on you! 

Available in necklace or bracelet version.

A colorful choker inspired by the 90’s for glowing skin & happy days !

A happy row of pastel-colored crystals for an irresistible 90’s effect !

Come join the game ‘cause you can’t win if you don’t play. Play to forget your daily worries. Play with codes and colors. Play to feel free & alive.

The iconic 90’s accessory is back and we love it ! We can’t resist its simple and light design & its sweet pastel colors !

Let’s have some fun ! Are you coming with us ? You’ll sure have a blast ! We needed a break from boring daily routine, dreadful conventions and other killjoys so we decided it was time to have some real fun, get a bit crazy, say yes to sparkling colors, unexpected mixes, playfulness, fearlessness. Because life is so much better when it becomes a giant game board and when the winners are those who break the rules. 

Our new collection was born from this crazy desire to dare and enjoy ourselves : playful jewelry & sweet pastel colors, a bit regressive, a real bundle of fun !

And that's how all of a sudden, even our creative process became a game : we really wanted to have fun all the way. We played a passionate game of colors, seeking the right combination, both untypical and adorable.

We got rid of any prejudice and escaped from the obvious, letting our creativity run free to find harmony in the heart of fantasy. Carrie is the best energy drink, sprinkled with madness, making life as colorful as a rainbow!

From the first idea to the first models, through the casting, polishing, gilding, and especially the setting of rhinestones, a meticulous and important step for this collection, we are proud to show you the backstage of our jewels’ creation, entirely handmade within our Parisian workshop.

Carrie collection is also a tribute to the 90s and to Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Big crush for her strong personality, open-mindedness and confident looks. Another fabulous life-model.