Remember that super colorful drawing, then the famous pasta necklace, or that poem written with (too much) love, the chocolate box, and so many flowers over the years...

And then this year there is Louise Damas' sparkling selection of thoughtful gifts that will certainly make her pretty eyes shine. Brilliant ideas for radiant mothers : lovely jewels, much-needed accessories, best-sellers and even a new creation. Be sure to wish her a very happy sparkling Mother’s Day !

Shéhérazade Delicate medal 

Lise Signet ring

Lise Signet ring, Augustine Ring, Gyptis Bangle bracelet, Gyptis Chain bracelet

The Henriette Jewelry Wallet

Gyptis Bangle bracelet

Eve Medal

Madeleine Earrings

Eve Medal, Anna Medal

Anna Medal

Denise Signet ring

Denise Signet ring

Charlotte Earrings

 Augustine Ring, Gyptis Bangle bracelet, Gyptis Chain bracelet

Madeleine Chain bracelet

Henriette Hair clip

Eve Medal, Augstine Large hoop earrings

Shéhérazade Loving medal

Lise Bracelet

Isn’t it time you give Mother’s Day a new shine ? Pick a treasure from our selection, carefully thought out to celebrate the mothers in your lives and you’ll be sure to make a tre-MOM-dous choice !


Blossoming heart

Take peek into this fabulous selection : will it be Eve, our new flowered medal, hiding lovely secrets in its heart ? It does seem like the perfect gift, a lucky charm, a bit of you nestled against her heart. 

The jewelry wallet

Second Edition

Or maybe our Jewelry Wallet (now available in a brand new color) ? Another brilliant idea, just in time for upcoming spring getaways and any other unexpected adventure !

Illustrated cards

And for those of you who still have their poet's soul, make your feelings shine on one of our illustrated cards: choose one of our creations, designed in collaboration with two artists, to give your gift an even more personal touch.

From Anna to Gyptis, discover the care and meticulousness given to each craft. Every collection has its story and particularity, but they all share a common trait: they are handcrafted in our parisian workshop.