Meet Eve, our new medallion shaped like a poem: inspired by those glowing spring women, whose heart beat at the arrival of this new season, it offers our flowering secrets the sweetest haven.

Stories to pass on and on

It’s like a good old Happy Families game : after Anna, in the series of family jewels, you can ask for Eve, our new medallion whose retro design and delicate lines will provide a precious shelter to those beautiful stories meant to be passed on.

With its precious and wonderful details, no doubt that this jewel will be judged worthy of the secrets it’s meant to contain.

Meeting Eve

A lovely heart whose delightful curves are adorned 

A flowers engraved on each side 

A delicately twisted chain

And last but not least, the secret of its preciousness ? 

A jewel made of vermeil, in 925 silver gold plated with 24k fine gold, for a unique shine! 

Eve, our new jewel will never cease to surprise you, especially when it opens its heart to you

So precious inside and not only outside, an absolute delight for those who love their secrets to be well kept !

Opening my heart to you…

Wondering what’s inside my heart ? 

A name, an old picture, a summer shell…

What could be more tremendously romantic than this medallion opening itself so that you can hide your sweetest and blooming secrets ?

The perfect gift, like a lucky charm, a bit of you nestled against her heart.

Eve, spring memories...

“I remember spending holidays at my grandmother’s during spring: I always used to pick flowers from her garden and hide them in books to make my very first herbariums…”

The memories of Louise inspired her this new medallion. Eve: a creation echoing family jewels, a sweet reminiscence. A blooming heart like spring, a heart that opens up to beautiful stories, just like the books of her childhood.

From the first idea to the first models, through the casting, polishing and gilding, we unveil all the meticulousness and creativity hidden behind your favorite pieces, all handmade in Paris.