We heard you’ve fallen for our new collection Gyptis & it’s dawning light… Well, wait until you see what’s coming next! Our sweet escape goes on, playing with light and shade, taking us from the magical Mucem suspended between sky and sea to the wonders of the Major Cathedral. Beautiful Marseille won’t stop charming us…


Gyptis earrings

Unexpected and totally irresistible, these graphic earrings and their unique design will give you an arty-sophisticated look that everyone will envy!


Gyptis chain bracelet

With its elegant dual vintage-inspired links, this bracelet will brighten up both your days and nights!


Gyptis chain ring

A chain ring with refined mesh, so supple and light that you can slip it on like your favorite jeans! 


Gyptis chain necklace

Worn alone or in good company, it will highlight the sweet lines of your neck.

Our Gyptis collection is still entirely made in Paris, only this time our minds are wandering in the streets of Marseille and the coves of the Calanques. 

Unique creations handmade in Paris, in tin or brass, gilded with 24k gold. Details carefully thought out by Louise and her team: comfort, weight, silhouette, shine, nothing has been left to chance!

It’s a love story between Louise and beautiful Marseille, tinged with sweet & sunny memories that have inspired our new collection. A love story always guided by the dancing reflections of the sun, by the city’s endless play of light. Rays waltzing through the Mucem’s lace mantilla, chasing lights & shadows on the stairs of the Major: our bright getaway is also a tribute to a graphic and vibrant architecture, cradled between history and modernity, fondled by the sun of Marseille.

A collection that sings of Marseille and its mythical sun. That sings of the love between a Gallic princess and a Greek sailor - Gyptis and Protis - & the legendary birth of a sunny city, the beautiful Massalia.

There's something new around here!

Discover the two other chapters of our new collection.

From Anna to Gyptis, discover the care and meticulousness given to each craft. Every collection has its story and particularity, but they all share a common trait: they are handcrafted in our parisian workshop.