When Gyptis sun is shining, our hearts are dancing. We’ve found the perfect way to make your hearts dance a little longer: staying a few more days in Marseille because we don’t feel like ending our sunny adventure. Flowery headbands and wicker baskets, sunglasses & black olives: are you ready for our collection’s new creations? 


Gyptis bangle bracelet

Look at you dancing along Le Marché de Noailles accompanied by your beautiful bangle bracelet and your favorite wicker basket!


Small Gyptis hoop earrings

Their textured surface feels like shimmering sand by the sea: can you hear the sound of the waves from your sunny balcony?

Saona is wearing the Gyptis Small hoop earrings and the Gyptis Pendant necklace

Nour is wearing the Gyptis Large hoop earrings and the Gyptis Bangle bracelet

Saona is wearing the Gyptis Small hoop earrings

Saona is wearing the Gyptis Signet ring


Gyptis ring

With its soft touch, this smooth ring feels like a drop of sweet and sunny dolce vita!


Large Gyptis hoop earrings

Long dresses & colorful headscarves: our large hoop earrings will give you the perfect bohemian-chic look!

Nour is wearing the Gyptis Large hoop earrings and the Gyptis Chain necklace

Saona is wearing the Gyptis Small hoop earrings

Nour is wearing the Gyptis Large hoop earrings and the Gyptis Bangle bracelet

Our Gyptis collection is still entirely made in Paris, only this time our minds are wandering in the streets of Marseille and the coves of the Calanques.

Unique creations handmade in Paris, in tin or brass, gilded with 24k gold. Details carefully thought out by Louise and her team: comfort, weight, silhouette, shine, nothing has been left to chance! 

This is a new chapter of our Marseille love story, guided by Louise’s memories of this sunny city. Memories of lively walks through Le Marché de Noailles, perfumes of spices and colorful citrus fruits, aperitifs under the sun, strolls on Le Vieux Port and along La Criée. A beautiful wonderful life, between land and sea, which inspires us these spring creations and these textured surfaces feeling like warm and shimmering sand. 

A collection that sings of Marseille and its mythical sun. That sings of the love between a Gallic princess and a Greek sailor - Gyptis and Protis - & the legendary birth of a sunny city, the beautiful Massalia.

There's something new around here!

Discover the first two chapters of our new collection.

From Anna to Gyptis, discover the care and meticulousness given to each craft. Every collection has its story and particularity, but they all share a common trait: they are handcrafted in our parisian workshop.