It’s almost spring and it’s time for you to meet Gyptis and its dawning light: a tribute to the returning sun. A bright journey all the way to Marseille, chasing the sun and hoping to catch its shiny rays to make them sparkle all around. 


Gyptis small earrings

Beautiful sunny curves & transparent enamel shining like seaside glittering sand.


Gyptis medal

A beautiful and iridescent appearance looking like sand kissed by the waves & transparent enamel echoing glittering water on the shore.


Gyptis signet ring

Fall in love with its textured pattern coated with a transparent enamel to catch as much light as you can. Our guess is that you’ll never want to take it off!


Gyptis large earrings

Textured lines and generous curves come together for an effortless radiant elegance (perfect for your first walks on the beach).


Gyptis pendant necklace

Textured pattern coated with transparent enamel & delicately ribbed edges: like a drop of glittering light on the neck!

Our Gyptis collection is still entirely made in Paris, only this time our minds are wandering in the streets of Marseille and the coves of the Calanques. 

Unique creations handmade in our Parisian workshop, in tin or brass, gilded with 24k gold. Details carefully thought out by Louise and her team: comfort, weight, silhouette, shine, nothing has been left to chance! And our special touch for Gyptis: a transparent enamel to enhance the wave pattern and create beautiful reflections under the sun.

If you’ve been following Louise for a while, you may have noticed that she seems to have a small crush on this sun-city to which she often escapes for enchanting getaways. Cherished memories of lovely strolls on the beach, barefoot on the shimmering sand. Memories that are now engraved in the heart of our Gyptis collection: textured surfaces inspired by those sweet wrinkles drawn on the sand when the sea recedes & transparent enamel echoing the sun-kissed water on the shore. 

A collection that sings of Marseille and its mythical sun. That sings of the love between a Gallic princess and a Greek sailor - Gyptis and Protis - & the legendary birth of a sunny city, the beautiful Massalia.

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