Today, we’ve worked hard to create the essential looks with their summer recipes! Our secret ingredient? The Gyptis collection, the one that breathes the sun and comes from Marseille! It makes us hungry!

Looking for inspiration for your summer outfits? We have THE look you absolutely need for the sunny days!

You will need

A pair of Gyptis small earrings

A Gyptis Medal to accentuate the touch of brilliance

A Gyptis bangle bracelet. Or two. To wear without moderation!

The chef advice: “The cherry on the cake? A Gyptis ring for your beautiful fingers!

When the heart swings between simplicity and originality, we opt for the refreshing look! The world will only have eyes for you (and your jewels!)

The magic ingredients

A pair of Gyptis earrings

Of a Gyptis signet ring and its unparalleled brilliance 

A delicate Gyptis chain ring

Chef’s note: “Add a little pepper to your look! Mix a Gyptis small pendant with a Gyptis chain necklace for an explosion of sensations!”

And now that you are as beautiful as day, and ready to enjoy the summer sun, we have decided to spoil your taste buds, and your palate promises to be delighted! We share our 2 favorite summer recipes that will make your summer evenings a real success!

The vegetable tian

You will need:

500g ripe tomatoes

2 zucchini

1 eggplant

5cl olive oil

2 cloves garlic


Allow half an hour to prepare this colorful dish. Let cook for 40 minutes and tiiiing! A dish that warms your heart, even if you are in a bad mood!

The Rougets à la provençale

You will need:

600g beautiful tomatoes

4 cloves garlic

3 onions

1 bunch of basil

5 mullets

100g black olives

We reserve 20 minutes of preparation and let cook for 1h: the time it takes to concoct a real feast!

From the first idea to the first models, through the casting, polishing and gilding, we unveil all the meticulousness and creativity hidden behind your favorite pieces, all handmade in Paris.