A new collection sprinkled with freshwater pearls and mother-of-pearl, like a symbol of spring and the revival it brings.

Welcome in Lise’s sweetness bubble, the one you will never want to leave.

Lise earrings

A tad classic earrings, twisted by delicious pearly reflections.

Lise pearly earrings

Two little pearls for a big impact and an unrivaled elegance.

Lise stud earrings 

Original pearly little stud earrings making light of all the codes.

Lise hoop earrings

Two hoop earrings in one, for the ones who never have enough of it.

Lise long earrings

Earrings that remind our grandmother’s ones and that have this je ne sais quoi of madness.

Long earrings to go with an embroidered blouse or hoop earrings worn with a fruity dress. A genuine woman with a pearl.

Lise medal

A discreet and pearly brilliance around the neck.

Lise necklace 

A few natural and golden pearls allied to create the sweetest necklace of all.

A pearly rain around the neck or a pendant necklace to celebrate the comeback of low-cut necklines.

Lise pearls bracelet 

A delicate alliance of freshwater pearls and golden pearls to enhance your wrist.

Lise bracelet 

A little mother-of-pearl that comes gently on your wrist.

Lise signet ring

A signet ring creating the right balance between sweetness and bold style.

A bracelet to enhance an undressed wrist or a signet ring for pearly hands.

“I’m a smile born from last spring.”

“Je suis un sourire né du dernier printemps.”


Which jewel will you fall for?