The best guarantee possible!

A bracelet stuck in a door handle, a necklace tangled that ends up broken… An accident can happen quite fast and it’s always annoying. 

We consider each one of our creations to accompany you for a long time, so it’s our duty to help you fix them when it’s possible. We prefer to fix your broken jewel rather than seeing you buying again. It’s nicer for you, your wallet, and above all, more environmentally aware.

Where to start?

Write us an email and attach a picture of your jewel to it. Our team will estimate the extent of the damage and will indicate to you the steps to follow.

Then you will need to have the courage to let your jewel go, for a duration of three weeks maximum, before being able to wear it again.

Our jewels have the power to rejuvenate

You take care of your jewels but with time they can lose some of their brilliance, and it’s normal. That’s why we propose a (little bit magic) regilding service.

Entrust us with your jewel for around two weeks (it will be fast, we promise), and our parisian workshop will take care of its youth therapy. It will be like new, just like the first time you met. Beauty has a tiny price, depending on the jewel surface to regild.

Jewels that we get attached to. Our jewels celebrate your most beautiful stories and we wish that you keep them as long as possible. Discover the behind scenes of creation.