At the corner of a mirror, under a beautiful velvet canopy, discover the mystifying Sarah. 

These jewels sublimate outfits, illuminate moments, and offer the most beautiful glow for everyday beauty and special moments.

Necklace Sarah

Necklace Sarah

Long earrings Sarah

A collection inspired by the voluptuous and elusive tragedian Sarah Bernhardt, for whom the word "star" seemed to be invented. 

Jewelry shining a light through darkness.

Illuminate your face with these new earrings, that will perfectly accompany your every social outing.

This multi-faceted chain captures light and captivates onlookers. Our necklace scintillates on every occasion, on a cloudy day as well as on the night of the party of the year.

Such a lovely star is sure to draw attention at every turn.

It reveals itself in a flash, catches the eye and sends a delicate glare that coats the wrist in light.

Become the star

Engrave your own story on the back of the Sarah necklace medal, bracelet or pendant. 

Sarah Bernhardt is a star made to shine in the midst of charmed guests, and it is from her unparalleled beauty and fascinating aura that this collection is inspired.

Striking laughter echoes the halls of the palace, jewels reflecting the limelight on each beveled edge. Their harmonious curves and vibrant beauty reflect a fiery personality.

From Anna to Sarah, discover the care and meticulousness given to each craft. Every collection has its story and particularity, but they all share a common trait: they are handcrafted in our parisian workshop.