Loving, Glowing, Delicate, Enchanting, it’s impossible to leave our medals, here they are offered in a range of earrings and signet ring.

Embody a mysterious woman with several facets, it’s up to you to choose which one.

Your favorite patterns come now to enhance your ears and your hands.

This summer, the Enchanting is worn in large hoops to make a wind of freedom blow on all your summery outfits.

Hoops that would have certainly been part of the jewels the Amazons of the mythology attired themselves in.

A floral pattern with braided edges, discreet but original, that would go just as well with a top with straps as with a Bardot neck dress.

They embody the effortless elegance and refinement, for all.

Little earrings with meticulous details that will bring a romantic note to any look.

Engraved details that make our hearts skip a beat, pure tenderness to wear at your ears.

Special mention for the Glowing. Its edges in staggered rows and its topaz crystal enhance the skin’s coloring… Just like a sunray piercing through a cloud.

A signet ring with a unique brilliance, that makes any outfit shine.

Timeless jewels made in Paris, passed on from generation to generation.

Our jewels are handmade with precision and meticulousness, respecting the savoir-faire.

Everything is made with care in our workshop in Paris.

We love seeing your pretty pictures with #bellesheroines